mandag 27. juni 2011

New freeware by Tsubame Software Tools

We at Tsubame produced a little piece of software again as freeware.
This time there are some functions to counting times.
The need for such software is derived from the need, for example, to measure the running time of programs and processes. One can also identify periods between keystrokes or to determine the time of "laps"; very interesting when you do training to play sport recording the time of each lap, and it is possible to take breaks at any time and the breaks will be particularly recorded.
The program is called "Osamu": The Japanese name "Osamu" means nearly: the ruler
Here the "Help" as a guide.

HELP: "Osamu" offers 5 time functions:
1: Measure the time just between 2 key strokes.
(Default: no parameters needed).
2: Running time of a program.
Osamu runtime: > Osamu p "programname" | > Osamu -p "programname" |
> Osamu --program "programname"
3: Measure the time between 2 key strokes repeatedly:
End of measure repetitions with ESC. Maximum 100 repetitions
It is possible to save the times in a text file.
Osamu Repetition: > Osamu r | > Osamu -r | > Osamu --repeat
4: Measure of a lap times (e.g. for sport purposes).
End of lap serie with ESC. Maximum 100 laps
It is possible to save the times in a text file.
Osamu Lap: > Osamu l | > Osamu -l | > Osamu --lap
5: Count-Down function.
Osamu Count-Down: > Osamu c "time_in_sec" | > Osamu -c "time_in_sec" |
> Osamu --countdown "time_in_sec"
NOTE 1: With "s", "-s" or "--silent" as a parameter you do not get some prints on the screen.
NOTE 2: With "d", "-d" or "--deutsch" as a parameter you get the german language.

Osamu is to download from

We wish you lots of success with Osamu!

- Tsubame Software Tools -
"The power of simplicity"

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