fredag 25. september 2009

The functions of a "Business Tool"

I was studying for a while about the functions a BI (Business-Intelligence) Software may offer.

Very interesting are of course the descriptions on Wikipedia, for the first they are quite complete and objectively correct and for the second it is rather simple to do a qualitative research from these sites.

But, reading all this information about the diferent systems (CRM, KM, PLM, DMS -Toshiko-, and so on) I had the impression that these description correspond rather to the wishes of the different authors than to the functions which actually offers the software you can get for BI.

On the other hand it is also oft the matter that different BI software types, if it may be believed after the founded descriptions, must ofer same functions (what is obviously foolish). Therefore it is clear that the texts what we can read are not more than the wishes of the authors and what they believe it will be nice to have in ONE piece of software, BUT, if we are trying to define what exactly may a BI-SW (rather a BI System with different and complemetary sofware modules/components) correctly do, so it is clear that one must define separated and for each particular pupose, what is to be wanted from a given software system.

Enjoy your business!