torsdag 29. januar 2009

Toshiko is ready

The software tool Toshiko is now ready for use.




tirsdag 13. januar 2009

Ichiro Program for Mathematics

Hello and welcome back here!

On the home page of Tsubame
it is possible to download the first program I wrote as free ware;
one program for mathematics, runing on a dos-box (dos terminal ;-)
I wrote that back in the year 1993-1994 and I had no changes so far all the time
only in december 2008 I translate the program to the 4 languages
german, norwegian, spanish and english.
I hope you can enjoy and have
a grat use for the program...



mandag 5. januar 2009

Over 15 years writting programs

I remember my first job as programmer, that was in the year 1993 for the Germanischer Lloyd. The program calculates short circuit currents for ships according to DIN Norms.
That was a very interesting job and then I discovered also my... yes, passion for programming!