mandag 8. juni 2009

Pro and Cons of Cloud Computing

I read an article about cloud computing which postules that cloud computing is much more than cheap computing.
Reasons are:

1. Is more efficient: Organizations have not to pay for operating the system
2. Is more agile: Maximizes ROI through rapid time to market a.o.

Anyway they were not mencioning the cons of "cloud computing":

1. You depend of
1.1. The company providing the system (software++) you use
1.2. A working internet
2. You do not own the software you need to drive your business.
3. Your data is going out of your business into the internet losing security and privacy. ALL going through cables out of the walls of your company is able to be hijacked.
4. With all data traveling through the cable the work takes more time, not much more but all the time.

As I try to show with Tsubame Software Tools they are some "cons" you not need to have. With Tsubame you have the same "pros" as with "cloud computing" but only 1/2 of the "cons".