torsdag 9. juli 2009


Kiss means "keep it short and simple".

In the last times I saw several times this acronym as "keep it simple, stupid".
I do not think that is a good interpretation of the acronym:
1. That is too aggresiv and therefore is really meaning the opposite of what the acronym should mean, and
2. do not match the original meaning of simple AND short, both are important.

But I believe some people write about "kiss" and actually do not know what that means, and may be also do not understand the philosophy of the idea back this.

I was all time convinced of the advantages of doing so. That is for this reason I started with Tsubame Software Tools: For develope agile systems, independient systems, smart systems.
I believe that is the spirit of the "kiss"-idea; not using the word "stupid" but the word "smart":

Keep it short and simple, be smart! (kiss, bs) :-)

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